our sharp shooters

meet the mafias, the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the round pegs in the the square holes who have set out to change the world.

Himanshu Arora

Co-Founder, Marketing Mafia

Every badass group of mafias needs a leader, and Himanshu Arora is Social Panga’s resident Optimus Prime. Going by the time he spends on the phone or on mails, if “selling” was a girl than they would have been in a very happily ever after relationship. He has 8+ years of online marketing experience and is one of the few chosen Google Product & Sales Partners. During his (extremely short) breaks, he likes to enjoy his Tea “Shot” and “Parle-G”
Blood Group: Selling, Customer Delight, Entrepreneurship, Old Bollywood Songs, Cycling, and Talking.

Weapons: Phone, E-Mail Client, Sense of Humor, Killer Beard, Bollywood Movie Situations etc. etc.

Gaurav Arora

Co-Founder, Marketing Mafia

He dons so many hats through the day that it’s a little surprising when you find that he doesn’t have 10 heads and 20 arms. He is like the energy center of the office that generates the most insane ideas and pushes everybody to explore their limitations.He dreams to go Backpacking across the globe for 30 days and meeting his friends. His high point in life was when somebody referred to him as the Wikipedia of Bollywood Movies. Being disruptive is in his blood, and people used to call him Napster during his college days.
Blood Group: Ginger Tea, Bollywood, MTV Unplugged, Manchester United, Food & some more FOOD!!
Weapons: Work! It does all his shootings.

Sakshi Bungay

Design Mafia

If sheer unbridled enthusiasm was to ever take up the form of a human being, it would be Sakshi. In-fact her enthu level is so legendary. Staying true to her adopted character of Revolver Rani, she is our breakthrough designer who gives life to our words. Once we decided to start listing her talents other than design, and we’re still not done counting.
Blood Group: Optimism, Photography, Singing, Jalebi, Punjab ka Khoon.

Weapons: Adobe Photoshop, DSLR, Guns, The Silent Treatment, Morning Selfies, Tata Indica, Inhuman levels of organization skills.

Ishmeet Dang

Marketing Mafia

Usually found looking for a corner in the office to make himself comfortable in and then make everyone’s life hell by writing overly complicated content copy, Ishmeet is a part of our marketing team and leads content strategy at SocialPanga. Though an MBA by education, he got into this because of his innate desire to write and because some of his drunk friends once told him he was good at it. (Psst: If he becomes the next Chetan Bhagat, we don’t know him).
Blood Group: Malibu Rum, Converse Shoes, Coldplay, Apple, Uncle Chipps and Butter Chicken.

Weapons: Apple Mac, Microsoft Word, Ulysses, ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ level frustrated speeches, Baba Sehgal songs.

Vishnu Vasishtha

Design Mafia

Many people work to attain a place in heaven for themselves, but not Vishnu. Affectionately known as Bhagwaan, he is remembered quite often in office (we have a lot of Hey Bhagwaan moments, trust us). His cutting-edge (that’s his favorite word) designs and dialogues add the much needed color and humor to our lives. He loves to sing – you name a song and he’ll sing it in a pitch about 10,000 times higher than the original.
Blood Group: Mushrooms, Rock / Psychedelic Music, Beards, Shorts, Black Ink Pen, Peace (!!).

Weapons: Adobe Illustrator, Mouse, Black Ink Pen, Scribbling.

Mohith Surendran

Design Mafia

Mohith, or Thambi as we choose to call him is our very own real life mafia. There is nothing under the sun that he can’t get done – be it fixing a laptop, stabilizing the unstable network connections, or settling a street brawl (by winning it). It is no surprise that all of us compete for a spot in his list of favorites. When he is not being tormented by his fan club, he takes care of graphics, and gets websites and mailers up and running.
Blood Group: Food, Photography, travelling and a peerless swag.

Weapons: Deathly stares, DSLR, all gadgets and his Royal Enfield.

Nicholas Nunes

Marketing Mafia

The Mafias needed a global appeal and that’s when the clouds parted and thunder struck. Sir Nicholas happened to us. Nick, as we like to call him ‘respectfully’ holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication. St. Nicholas is a smooth operator and a sweet talker; he is the bearer of smashing content, enjoys long & meaningful chats and coming up with some breakthrough marketing fundas. His highness is usually found with his headphones glued to his ears and fingers bee boing on the keyboard.
Blood Group: Liverpool FC, Video Games, Coldplay, Pizza, Scarlett Johansson.

Weapons: Awesomeness, Charm, Sarcasm, Wits & Humour, Smooth Talks & Crisp Writing.

Anmol Verma

Marketing Mafia

Fresh from the fields of Punjab, Anmol is our true blue Punjabi. Big appetite and an even bigger heart, Ratan Sir (as we fondly call him) is truly Anmol! Our mornings are incomplete without his enthusiastic morning wishes! He is the man behind the big numbers and scary excel sheets, and our go to guy for complete SEO and SEM campaigns. Being a big foodie, you’re sure to catch him dozing off post-lunch doing a zombie-ish eye roll!
Blood Group: Crocs, Good Food, Tottenham Hotspur, Aaloo de Paranthae ( Makkhan maar Ke ), Chicken Momos.

Weapons: Soundcloud, Green Tea, AdWords & Neil Patel Blogs.

Krishnan Lakshmanan

Design Mafia

They say that small things come in big packages. That’s not the case with Krishnan. When creativity meets a boundary, Krishnan thinks like the Hulk, “SMASH”. He thinks big and it shows in his designs. He’s considered punctual and is always the first one to leave the workplace, as is evident by his trademark goodbye, “adios amigo”. There’s so much more to him, but that’s for another time.
Blood Group: Marvel & DC, Beer, Photography, Fiction collectibles.
Weapons: Shorts and shirts, His hair, MacBook, Illustrator, dual personality.

Gurvinder Kaur

Marketing Mafia

Quiet, unassuming and generator of witty marketing ideas, Gurvinder is a living example of the fact that not everybody born in Chandigarh is destined to become an MTV Roadie! A true blue Punjabi taken out of Punjab, she harbors dreams of driving to office on a Royal Enfield Bullet wearing leather jacket. Like Cat Woman, she’s always pretty and poised but if you get her angry, somebody gonna get hurt real bad (believe us, she’s way fitter than you are)!
Blood Group: Old Bollywood & Punjabi Songs, RE Bullet, Fitness, Pyjamas ,Plazzo, and an endless supply of Patience.
Weapons:A logical mindset, ice-cream, new shades of nail paint every day, and shoes with more colours than you can count!

Sunitha Natarajan

Marketing Mafia

Let’s begin by saying that any resemblance with the Airtel 4G girl is purely coincidental. An animal lover, there’s no dog on the street that’s safe from her lovable gaze. She possesses a Master’s degree in media and enjoys coming up with creative ideas as is evident by her sometimes annoying enthusiasm to learn new things.
Blood Group:Dogs, her hair, lasagna, fryums, McDonald’s, Cersi Lannister.
Weapons:Enthusiasm, Writing, Death stare, Tamil, Ideation, Loud voice.

Nikita Madhekar

Marketing Mafia

Coming from a film production background, Nikita takes her job of entertainment very seriously and can often be found cracking nonsensical shayari and PJs in Hyderabadi slang. When we asked Nikita what she’s scared of, she said lizards. When we asked everyone else in office what they’re scared of, they said Nikita. She wants us to tell you that she’s very caring and hardly gets angry, and since we’re so scared of her, we’re gonna ask you to believe it. When not killing people with deathly stares, Nikita manages marketing at Social Panga.
Blood Group:Hyderabadi Slang, Non-Fat Food, Pani Puri, Romcoms, Fighting with Autowalas and a Go-Getter attitude.
Weapons:Deathly Stares, Extreme Optimism, Oozing Charm, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga.

Soumyadeep Kanjilal

Marketing Mafia

Brought up in Kuwait and smuggled into India from under the border, Soumyadeep is a retired Dubsmash celebrity now trying his luck at being a marketing mafia. We affectionately (and rather unimaginatively) call him Dada (yep, Bengali much). He’s quite fond of green leaves… of the tea variety. He thinks he got you with that pun. We don’t. We love his ability to take a joke on himself. He’s probably reading this right now and laughing his ass off. Fun fact? He’s probably also the only one who’s reading it. 😛
Blood Group:Manchester United (Glory glory…), Food (any and all), Fitness (The age old love of something one can’t have), and TV shows.
Weapons:Green Tea, Puff Puff Pass, His OnePlus, Jagjit Singh and Udit Narayan songs with a healthy sprinkling of Baba Sehgal for taste.


Design Mafia

Being quiet is a bit of an overstatement when it comes to describing Fahiz. But for all that quietness, he more than makes up for with incredible designs and a word or two during our chai breaks. He is down to earth and always willing to take up a new challenge when a situation presents itself. When he’s not busy, you can often see him checking out video of his favorite football icon Messi.
Blood Group:FC Barcelona, One Direction, Biriyani, Video Games.
Weapons:Creativity, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash (not the hero).


Design Mafia

Humble and soft spoken is how you’d first perceive Aleena. Hailing from Idukki, she holds a degree in designing which she’s incredible at and can never say no to getting things done. She enjoys a little conversation through which she’s always smiling and one day dreams of having her own Royal Enfield. Much like everyone she was too is a big dreamer but never hesitates to appreciate the smaller things too.
Blood Group:Sleeping and Waking late, Mango Juice, Kerala Food, Selfies, Royal Enfield, Travel.
Weapons:After Effects, Premier Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, Smile

Praney Thapa

Marketing Mafia

Chirpy, free spirited and always enthusiastic about work, Praney is a mini India of his own. He’s lived in a lot of places throughout his life and reflections of it can be seen in his personality. SEO is his middle name and ranking #1 is a piece of cake for him. He is usually found glued to his ear phones and doing “the dab” as a response to literally anything.
Blood Group:Messi, FC Barcelona, Football, Sprouts, Candid Photos, “Mysteriously long phone calls” 😛
Keywords: Google, Fitness, Enthusiasm and smile.